1. STEIGENBERGER GOLF RESORT EL GOUNA – an oasis of elegance an serenity, set amid golf greens and meandering lagoons.

steigenberger_resort_el_gouna_golf_-pool_colors2.jpg.1024x0steigenberger-golf-resort-el-gouna-evening-atmosphere.jpg.1024x0 steigenberggolf-resort-el-gouna-_-family-room.jpg.1024x0


2. MOVENPICK RESORT & SPA EL GOUNA – understated elegance and a touch of Swissness: exciting watersports, blissful spa treatments, prime beach frontage.



moevenpick_el_gouna_red_sea-beach-1.jpg.1024x0 el_gouna_moevenpick_resort_duplex-family-room-1.jpg.1024x0


3. LA MAISON BLEUE – designed by Amr Khalil, who envisioned it like the dream home of an imaginary 19th century Levantine merchant.


room-terrasse-red-sea-maison-bleue.jpg.1024x0 la_maison_bleue__beach_gouna.JPG.1024x0 dsc_2969_copie.jpg.1024x0


4.SHERATON MIRAMAR RESORT EL GOUNA- built over nine islands along a sprawling beachfront with lush gardens and comprehensive leisure facilities.



sheraton_miramar-el-gouna_suite-1.jpg.1024x0 sheraton_miramar-el-gouna_boat-ba_sun-rise.jpg.1024x0


 5.DAWAR EL OMDA HOTEL – reminiscent of an upper Egyptian mansion, welcomes adult guests seekeing a romantic escape with Oriental flair.



honeymoon_suite_dawar_el_omda.jpg.1024x0 dawar-el-omda_courtyard_bar_gouna.JPG.1024x0


 6.CLUB PARADISIO – all-inclusive beachfront resort built along a beautiful protected bay.


club_paradisio_hotel_el_gouna_overview.jpg.1024x0 club_paradisio_hotel_el_gouna_paradise_suite_master_bedroom.jpg.1024x0club_paradisio_hotel_el_gouna_morgan_restaurant_seaside_table_sunset2.jpg.1024x0


7.FANADIR HOTEL (ADULTS ONLY) – serene setting overlooking the supper yacht marina, near El Gouna`s kitesurfing beaches and Abu Tig Marina`s attractions.


fanadir-hotel144.jpg.1024x0 fanadir-hotel_egypt_marina_view.jpg.1024x0 fanadir-hotel-_-el-gouna-_-pool-03.jpg.1024x0


8.MOSAIQUE HOTEL – overlooking Abu Tig Marina`s North Basin, the boutique hotel is appreciated by couples, families and kitesurfers making the most of their Red Sea holidays.


mosaique-hotel-el-gouna-main-pool-evening-1.jpg.1024x0 junior_suite_mosaique_hotel_el_gouna.jpg.1024x0 3990108_58_z


9.SULTAN BEY – overlooking the Lagoons of Kafr El Gouna, offers a peaceful base from which to explore the seaside and the town.



sultan_bey_resort_gouna_rooms.jpg.1024x0 sultan_bey_resort_red_sea_swimming_pool.jpg.1024x0



10.THE THREE CORNERS OCEAN VIEW HOTEL EL GOUNA – adult-only environment with waterfront lodging and a wide range of amenities await in El Gouna`s prestigious Abu Tig Marina.



ocean-view-hotel-el-gouna-red-sea-soleil-pool.jpg.1024x0 ocean_view_standard_room_el-gouna.jpg.1024x0